Faced with financial ruin, local leaders increase call to pass state budget

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TORRINGTON — Calls to pass a budget continued across the state Monday.

In Torrington, state Republicans, joined by city officials called on the legislature to override Governor Dannel Malloy’s veto of a GOP-backed plan. The veto occurred last week after days of indicating that he would do so.

As of Monday, Connecticut has been without an operating budget for 94 days, extending the longest fiscal dry spell in state history.

“We have done everything right and yet the state’s impasse in its budget process is going to have a significant impact on the city of Torrington for years,” said Republican Mayor Elinor Carbone of Torrington.

The city is expected to lose around $20 million in state municipal and education aid. Carbone says her city has already lost $7 million when the first installment was not released by the state.

“We have frozen our budget,” said Carbone. “We are now looking at our cash reserves of what is available in addition to our fund balance that will keep us afloat until the state comes forward with a budget.”

State legislative leadership is meeting with the Governor Monday evening. The House Speaker has scheduled a possible override vote for Tuesday at noon.