Wallingford substitute teacher refused to leave elementary school, resisted arrest

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WALLINGFORD — Wallingford Police say they arrested a substitute teacher who refused to leave the grounds, and resisting arrest from responding officers.

It all started on Thursday, September 28th just after 3:30 p.m. when Wallingford Police were dispatched to Pond Hill Elementary School for a disturbance.

When they arrived, officers were advised by school officials that a substitute teacher, Kelly Bolling, 24, of Norwalk, was refusing to leave the school.

A school administrator told officers that Bolling had been told the day before that he wouldn’t be allowed back at a different elementary school after it was reported he watched movies with ear buds in during class.

The principal of Pond Hill Elementary School explained that the next day, the day of the incident, she went to check on Bolling in class, and saw him texting on his phone instead of engaging with students.

At the end of the day, she calling Bolling in to hear his side of the story and saw he was allegedly mumbling and slurring his words. It was after that he was told he wouldn’t be working for Wallingford Public Schools again and was to leave. Bolling refused.

Officers approached Bolling who was in the lobby of  the school. Offices saw that Bolling was agitated his eyes were bloodshot and he was swaying back and forth. He was holding a blue backpack and refused to drop it, and to remove his hand from his pocket when asked. Bolling then lifted the backpack over his head as if he was about to throw it at the school administrator and an officer.

Officers grabbed Bolling’s arms and he became tense and non-compliant with commands.

Bolling continued to resist arrest but was eventually subdued. A search of his backpack revealed two Captain Morgan nips (100 proof) were in the bag, one with only a slight amount of alcohol left.

Bolling was eventually charged with criminal trespassing, breach of peace, interfering/resisting arrest, and threatening. He was released on a $1,500 bond and issued a court date of October 12th.