Dozens gather to rally against gun violence in Newtown

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NEWTOWN -- It's an event that happened all over the country.

Po Murray, the chair for the Newtown Action Alliance organized rallies and vigils all over the country urging elected leaders to make a change.

“We’re rallying to demand action to end gun violence and we need to demand action from our legislators," says Murray.

She claims to have organized 25 rallies across 15 sates.

Murray says her motivation to elicit change comes from a poignant past.

“The shooter of the Sandy Hook Tragedy was my neighbor. And my four children attended the Sandy Hook Elementary School before the shooting incident," says Murray.

She says she won't stop organizing and protesting until a difference is made in this country.

“I was asleep like most Americans about gun violence before the Sandy Hook Tragedy," says Murray. "I stepped up on that day and said I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that my children will be safe in the future.”