Students at Derby school celebrate “National Walk to School Day”

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DERBY  -– Students at Bradley School in Derby celebrated “National Walk to School Day” along with teachers and staff to practice safe ways to walk to and from school on a daily basis. The event was sponsored by FedEx  and Griffin Hospital to give students simulations into what dangerous conditions and scenarios might be like when walking.

The Iriving School in Derby also took part in the day. Over 500 young pedestrian die each year due to incidents that can be stopped by having events like this one today.

Every year, for one day in October, thousands of students across the country talk part in internation walk to school day.

The idea behind the national event is to raise awareness about walking safely and promoting healthy behavior in and out of the classroom.

The day started back in 1999 and since then, over 10,000 schools have signed up to take part. This year, about 30 schools in Connecticut will be participating in it.

Representatives from Safe Kids Greater Naugatuck Valley, Griffin Hospital and school staff were all on hand to make sure the day ran smoothly.