A tradition in Middlefield; Getting lost in acres of corn

MIDDLEFIELD -- Getting lost and found is a tradition in Middlefield and they are dedicated to all the twists and turns involved in making their corn maze an experience at Lyman Orchards.

From the UConn Huskies' maze, to a presidential design, to a maze that featured the Yankees and Red Sox, each year Lyman Orchards attempts to outdo themselves with a new and dynamic design.

"We’re really excited, (this year) we’re paying tribute to Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis," said John Lyman, the owner of Lyman Orchards.

It seems that not only do they create a more outlandish design in the four-acre maze every year, Lyman says it also gets harder to conquer each year.

"The maze is very challenging every year," Lyman said.  "I don’t know how our designer can make it more difficult but he does." said Tenley Davis, a 9-year-old attempting to find her way out of the new maze."I think they make it clever because there’s all these twists and turns."

The famed Lyman Maze stays open through November 5th.  It has been a great growing season across Connecticut so there is also excellent pumpkin and apple picking on the 1,100 acre grounds.

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