Branford man arrested after allegedly trying to kill his wife

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BRANFORD -- An 81-year-old Branford man was arrested in front of his condominium Thursday morning for allegedly attempting to kill his 74-year-old wife.

Delucia's wife says she awoke to her husband holding a knife to her throat. So, she grabbed it out of his hand and ran out of their condominium, while screaming and knocking on a neighbor's door. Nobody answered.

Delucia then allegedly grabbed another knife in the kitchen and started chasing his wife outside. That is when police were alerted to the commotion.

"Newspaper delivery people said in 911 call that there was some sort of a domestic dispute going on outside the residence here at 26 Turtle Bay," said Branford Police Captain, Geoff Morgan.

According to the arrest warrant, when police arrived, Mrs. Delucia was holding a knife and another was on the ground beneath her. After pulling Anthony Delucia off of his wife, he told police he was planning to kill her and then himself.

Delucia explained to police he was attempting to spare his wife from being tortured by either his or her daughter from a previous marriage.

"They are very, both very pleasant and very neighborly," said Rosemary Booth, a Turtle Bay resident.

Paramedics treated Mrs. Delucia at the scene for lacerations to her hands. She was later taken to an area hospital for evaluation and treatment.

"He is suffering from some malady that is interfering with his abilities to assist in his defense," said Delucia's court appointed Public Defender, Attorney Shepard G. Sherwood.

Anthony Delucia was charged with criminal attempt to commit murder, assault, and breach of peace.

And, if he is able to post $500,000 bond, he is to have no contact with his wife.

"They're the last people in Turtle Bay I would imagine this happening to," said Booth.

As part of his mental health evaluation, Anthony Delucia will undergo a competency examination. His next court date is scheduled for October 24.