South windsor woman drops out of town council race amid facebook post criticism

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SOUTH WINDSOR – The local woman running for town council announced Wednesday afternoon she had dropped out of the race amid the criticism on her Facebook post she put up Monday.

Hours after the attack in Las Vegas, Goel posted to Facebook “Prayers to Las Vegas. People who are in favor of guns should have been on that strip.”

Moments later, a flood of critical comments led Goel to delete the post. However, it was too late. Screenshots were spreading like wildfire on social media.

“I forgive her. I know she made a mistake but we all need to take responsibility for our actions,” said Mayor Carolyn Mirek.

Mayor Mirek said at a public input meeting Monday night, Goel came forward and said the status was posted out of anger. FOX61 knocked on her door Tuesday night and called her but got no reply.

However, Wednesday afternoon, she issued the following statement:

I have never advocated violence against anyone, nor did my social media comment. What I expressed is complete frustration with the lack of sensible gun controls and my hope that those who support the NRA in believing that guns are more important than lives will see the Las Vegas tragedy and change their minds.

“You know, it’s unfortunate that she had to drop out or that she chose to drop out. For her position that she was running for, it was probably the smarter move to do. Again, everyone has their opinion,” said Gerald Sommers of South Windsor.

Others agreed and said Goel should have taken her position into consideration.

“I think that anyone going into any government position, whether it’s local or at a higher level, needs to have some control over their emotional responses to things and remember they’re always in the public eye and whatever they’re going to say is going to leave an impression,” said Linda Helmky or South Windsor.

Goel’s statement also mentioned she’s gotten death threats, but the mayor said according to police, no threats have been reported but they said she has only gotten a couple of phone calls.

“I wish that it could all just end,” added Mayor Mirek.

FOX61 went to Goel’s home and called her again Wednesday night but still have not gotten a response.