Malloy administration working on new version of a budget; legislative leaders hinting at potential deal

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HARTFORD — Day 103 without a state budget consisted of a curveball courtesy of Governor Dannel Malloy.

In a morning press availability, Malloy announced that he and his staff have been developing their own new version of a budget.

Malloy didn’t provide much detail but said it would feature spending cuts and fewer increases in state taxes.

“I just want to be ready for that,” said Malloy. “They’ve been working on their budget, I don’t think that’s impeding me from doing my work on another budget.”

The revelation comes as Republican and and Democratic legislative leaders have held bi-partisan budget negotiations nearly every day since last week.

“In fact, I think that it’s a good thing that it’s taking place but I wouldn’t say that it can’t be based on gimmicks and lapses and stealing money out of pensions payments, some of those things are dead, they gotta stop,” said Malloy.

Legislative leaders met in another closed-door negotiating session Wednesday that stretched into the evening hours.