Going to the other side of the tracks for Halloween

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EAST WINDSOR -- As the moon rises over the Connecticut Trolley Museum, so does the spirit of Halloween.

During this time of year, things get a bit off track which is part of the Halloween spectacle on the Trolley Museum grounds.

The tradition of "Rails to the Dark Side" is back where visitors take a spooky trolley ride and then walk the grounds through an elaborate haunted house set up.

"There are not many places where you can take a trolley ride and have that incorporated into the scariness of it," said Gina Maria Alimberti, the public relations manager at the Connecticut Trolley Museum. "We are here to scare the pants off you," she laughed.

Galen Semprebon, the president of the Connecticut Trolley Museum and organizer of the yearly Halloween spectacular said, "we pride ourselves on being one of the scariest attractions around."

Semprebon added on a given night around 80 to 90 volunteers are part of the show.

"It's quiet and undertaking," he said. "If you enjoy Halloween, I'm sure you will enjoy this."

Rails to the Dark Side runs Friday and Saturday nights through October. It’s $18 a ticket and it is a PG-13 event!

If you are looking for a family fun adventure, consider coming during the daytime to the Trolley Museum for their Pumpkin Patch. You can Ride on a trolley to the pumpkin patch field and each person can pick out a FREE pumpkin.

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