Possible vote on state budget set for week of October 23

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HARTFORD -- Lawmakers have asked member to be available for a vote on the state budget during the week of October 23.

The lawmakers have been engaged in closed-door talks claiming continued progress toward a bipartisan agreement on a new two-year budget. Connecticut has been without a new tax-and-spending plan since July 1.

Democratic leaders have asked members to keep the week free for a vote. Leaders seemed more confident that a deal could be reached soon.

The group is scheduled to met again Thursday. Democratic House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz said Wednesday, he hopes they'll "get to the point where we can then engage the governor."

Lawmakers ultimately want Malloy to sign off on any tentative agreement before it's brought before the General Assembly for a vote.

The leaders say they've made progress on issues such as school funding and structural budget changes. However, they acknowledge some big issues remain, including funding teacher pensions.