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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Altercation between New London school bus driver, school administrator

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NEW LONDON - A school bus confrontation that took place on September 18th in the afternoon was caught on camera.

The bus driver was seen getting into a verbal argument with a school administrator as he accused her of blowing the bus's stop sign. However, it appears to some the driver is the one being punished and that has gotten union leaders shaking their heads.

The school bus was parked in front of New London High School to drop off children from an after school program. That is when the bus driver said a car blew his stop sign while his lights were flashing.

Raymond Lange was the bus driver and on the bus with him was his wife, Evelyn, a school bus aide. Outside of the bus window, a white car was seen going past the bus, which is illegal because his stop sign was out and his red lights were flashing.

The car then backs up and the driver gets out to walk into the bus.

That driver was Kristina Jordan, the executive director of school and family support services for New London.

An argument between the two escalates and Lange repeatedly told Jordan to get off his bus. The union that represents Lange told FOX61 that days later, he was transferred. According to the union, it was Jordan who requested the transfer.

The union called it an "egregious process violation" and an abuse of power. Despite this, the union told FOX61 they believe the superintendent will allow the grander decision to stand.

Now, they are urging members of the public to call both the New London Board of Education and the city council to demand a hearing on this incident.

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