Stamford: 1 man arrested in connection with alleged criminal possession of a gun

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STAMFORD — One man is in police custody after he was arrested Saturday, for alleged criminal possession of a gun.

At 12:48 a.m. police were called to the local Elks club parking lot on Mission Street. Police said the club has been the scene of shootings, gun calls, fights, loud music, drug and drinking use in the past.

Police saw a group of ten men in the parking lot standing around. Officers said that they immediately knew marijuana and alcohol were being used.  A man in the group whose was wearing winter gloves, left the group and seemed to placed something on the front seat of a nearby car.  The man then returned to the group. 

Police believed at this point, that the man was attempting to hide contraband or a weapon. Police said they also found it weird that he was wearing winter gloves when it was 65 degrees and humid outside that night.

The man was arrested by police after a brief struggle. A search revealed that the man was hiding a loaded .357 Smith and Wesson revolver with its hammer pulled back.

The suspect is Lamar Taylor and he is being charged with criminal possession of a handgun and interfering with police.

Taylor, 30,  was out on bond for another gun incident in Bridgeport in July.  Taylor has an extensive criminal background.