Westport Police ID suspect in Saturday’s manhunt

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WESTPORT — One man is in police custody after they ran away from police and ignited an hour-long manhunt.┬áDahonta Robert-Hillard was identified by police as the suspect.

At 11:00 a.m., a Westport police officer attempted to stop a car near Bridge Street. When the driver was asked to exit the car, they did and then ran away from police on foot.

The officer at the scene said, he saw the suspect drop a gun. The officer safely secured the gun and backup was called. Police alerted residents in the area to stay inside their homes during the search.

Around noon, a K-9 unit found the suspect inside a backyard shed of a house on Keyser Road. During the capture, the suspect suffered minor injuries from the K-9 unit and was taken to the hospital to be treated.

Hillard, 27 of Bridgeport, was charged with carrying a pistol or revolver without a permit, weapons in a motor vehicle, burglary in the third degree, interfering with an officer, and criminal possession of a pistol or revolver.