Cigna employees in Bloomfield pack up meals for Puerto Rico

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BLOOMFIELD -- Many people in Puerto Rico are struggling to find food in the aftermath of the hurricanes that hit them. On Tuesday, Cigna employees formed assembly lines to package non perishable food to send to people in Puerto Rico.

"To have the opportunity to package meals at the beginning of my work day was amazing," said Ashley Metellus, an employee for Cigna.

Metellus took a break from office work to join about 1,200 of her fellow employees. They put hair nets on and formed assembly lines to fill up plastic bags with four different jambalaya type ingredients.

"My job was to gather the bags before the funnel area and also to add in the pink Himalayan salt," Metellus said.

Lentils, rice and dried vegetable flakes were also scooped up and thrown into the yellow funnel and down into the plastic bag, which was then sealed and put in a cardboard box to be shipped off. In total about 336,000 bags were put together.

"It's such an amazing experience to know that each meal that you package can change the life of family," Metellus said.

The plastic bags should get to Puerto Rico within two weeks. From there,  families can add hot water and then eat the hot meal.