Hooray Beer; Cremo is making a comeback

NEW BRITAIN --  A taste of the town is about to return and it's coming back after decades.

Alvarium Beer Company, a three-month old start-up, is reviving Cremo Beer. Cremo, which went out of business in 1955, will join Alvarium's line up of brews beginning on Saturday.

"We're able to brew this historic beer with a modern twist with modern brewing," said Brian Bugnacki, a co-owner of the brewery.

Mayor Erin Stewart was thrilled when she heard the iconic brand was returning.

"In basements around the city," she said, "you will inevitably find Cremo bottles, Cremo crates from all the beer everyone used to drink, Cremo was the beer." Rob Metz, who owns nearby New Britain based Avery's Soda, bought the trademark to Cremo three years ago and is now partnering on the brand project with the current owners at Alvarium Beer Company.

"I just love New Britain history," Metz said. "It fits in really well with this town and it's fun to bring all this nostalgia back."

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