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Man set free after 23 years for crime he didn’t commit; gets no compensation

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Credit: Fox 4 News

KANSAS CITY —  A man who served 23 years in prison for a double murder in Kansas City, Kansas, walked out of court a free man, after charges in the case were dismissed.

Lamonte McIntyre was freed Friday after Wyandotte County District Attorney Mark Dupree Sr. announced the county would no longer contest McIntyre’s innocence.

The decision came on the second day of what was expected to be a weeklong hearing to reconsider McIntyre’s conviction in the 1994 shooting deaths of two cousins in Kansas City, Kansas.

McIntyre, 41, walked out of the courthouse late Friday afternoon and greeted his mother and other joyful supporters. He was 17 when the homicides occurred.

A key witness to the homicides recanted her testimony, saying she was pressured to accuse McIntyre. Others testified that investigators ignored witnesses who said McIntyre was the wrong suspect and never connected him to the victims or the site where they were killed.

According to the Daily News, McIntyre is owed nothing from the state, despite his recent exoneration.

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