Racist flyers found in Bristol and Southington, police investigating

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BRISTOL — Police say they received a complaint of racist flyers being hung up around town. They are the same fliers that were also found in Southington.

Police say on Sunday, the police received the complaint which was written with racist overtones being posted on a light post in the neighborhood of Lantern Hill Road.

One flyer had the image of Abraham Lincoln with the title “We found this nation” with the other flyer reading “Take your country back” and referenced “white man” in the writing on the flyer.

The Bristol Police Department is also aware of Southington’s investigation into the same flyers which were found in their town as well. They have been in contact with each other.

At the time, police don't know the identity of the individual(s) who posted the flyers.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Bristol Police Department at 860-584-3000.