‘The Dark Manor’ a place that will give you the creeps

NORWICH --  It is always the graveyard shift here, The Dark Manor has distinguished itself as a local haunt dedicated to the art of the scare.

For the past 13 Halloweens, co-owner Rick Peirce says each year they work to terrify their visitors a bit more.

"We have a lot of animatronics and props but it's really the actors that make this what it is," Peirce said.

The Dark Manor currently has about 30 actors dedicated to keeping things spooky.

Throughout the Manor,  guests meander through 25 rooms and an outdoor area so there is no shortage of stops that could cause one to scream.

Katy Freeman, a recent visitor to The Dark Manor, raved about her time inside.

"It was absolutely terrifying, there were people jumping out everywhere. People are paying us to scare them and we want to do our best at that," said Peirce.

The Dark Manor is open now through Halloween. The night schedule is recommended for ages 13 and up. They do offer a matinee that is family friendly.

The Dark Manor is located at 25 Main Street, Baltic, CT

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