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Advocates speak out for effective budget for state’s schools

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HARTFORD -- On Monday morning, education advocates spoke out on the lack of a state budget at the state capitol.

Kenneth DiPietro, superintendent of schools in Plainfield, said they have already had to lay off employees just to keep schools open and operating.

Fran Rabinowitz, who was a superintendent for years, but now heads up the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents, said programs after school and before school are going away and the devastation hitting all school districts in the state is something that she has never seen before in her 30-year career in Connecticut public education.

“Whenever you do one reduction, just one classroom teacher reduction, you have to inform everybody," said DiPietro. "So if a classroom is going to be consolidated, you need to move 18 children into three other classrooms”.

This problem growing larger and larger, due to the fact that there is no state budget yet, and these towns know the problems won’t stop when it finally gets passed.

Connecticut is the last state to not pass a state budget.