PD: Over 30 political yard signs stolen from multiple locations in Meriden

Photo credit: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

MERIDEN —  Police said Ernestine Holloway, one of the mayoral candidates in Meriden, called police to report a large theft of political yard signs belonging to her campaign.

Meriden police said Holloway is the first African-American woman to ever run for mayor in the city. Police said she is very upset because as a petitioning candidate, she is not affiliated with either major party and therefore does not have the money to replace the signs quickly.

Sgt. Darrin McKay of the Meriden Police Department said Holloway had to pay for all of her own yard signs out-of-pocket and none of the money was contributed by donors.

McKay added that she put up several hundred dollars to fund the signs.

Police said the signs were not stolen from one area, but from multiple locations throughout Meriden. Police said they are looking into the report but at the same time, know that unless additional information leading to a possible suspect or recovery of signs becomes available, there isn’t much to go on with.

McKay points out that political signs are stolen all of the time at this time of year and it’s not at all uncommon.