Milford restaurant owner offers more than food

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MILFORD -- Walied Hanaif has been successfully running Flames, a Mediterranean restaurant since this past summer. He's spent every penny he owns in order to make his dreams come true.

“It’s a business. I’m trying to make a living out of it," says Hanaif.

But he started to attract a different kind of business. Over the summer a homeless man entered his store with a simple gift.

“He came in with a roasted chicken and a loaf of bread," said Hanaif.

The man said it was a gift of good fortune for the new restaurant. In turn Hanaif wanted to pay it forward. He put up a sign on his door offering free sandwiches to others in the homeless community.

“You see people seeing a homeless man on a street they tell you oh, 'why don't you go get a job? Why are you asking for money?'" You don't know that person's situation. Maybe this guy had a family, maybe he lost it all, you don't know his situation," says Hanaif.

The homeless man gave Hanaif good fortune for his business. Hanaif now makes it his business to give good fortune back.