Tree slams into home in Hartford

HARTFORD - A big tree collapsed onto a vacant home on Kenyon Street Tuesday afternoon.

The tree was ripped from its roots and fell on top of the home. One of the branches went through one of the windows, causing significant damage to the roof as well.

The home is closed off with caution off signs as crews are expected to return to cut the tree down and fix the damages since neighbors said the home was supposedly up for sale.

They also said the tree had become a longtime worry for the neighborhood as it had grown to be too tall and old. Before the tree had grown to be as tall as it is today, neighbors said it had fell on top of a car before and damaged its windshield.

Hartford, however, was not the only one that saw trees down. Police had Route 69 on Wolcott Street closed off as crews worked to untangle power lines after another big tree crashed down on them.

Workers with Eversource Energy said everyone in Wolcott and Waterbury eventually got their power back by the afternoon.

Drivers are expected to take a detour and may run into slight traffic until crews fix the damages.

Another town hit hard was Branford as the river overflowed as well as the shoreline. This caused minor flooding and traffic issues at one point.

“The waves were crashing right over this road here, people had trouble driving on the road, we were seeing debris all over, school buses had trouble,” said Edan Hall of Branford.

“The most incredible scene was when the school bus stopped by the road here and the waves were literally crashing into the side of the bus as it was trying to let the kids off,” said Bruce Hall of Branford.

Luckily, no one was injured in any of the events. Crews told FOX61 Route 69 may reopen by 4 a.m. on Wednesday but it depends how quick it is fixed.