Teacher fired after throwing scissors that struck a student in the face

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Credit CNN

FLORIDA —  A Florida teacher has been fired after a student was injured in a scissor-throwing incident.

According to News 6, a Westridge Middle School student was injured when her eighth grade science teacher tossed a pair of scissors across the classroom.

The student told News 6 that the scissors bounced off the whiteboard and hit the student in the face, leaving her with multiple scratches. News 6 said while the school is aware of the incident, the student’s mother feels she was left in the dark.

News 6 said the student’s parent, Jayme Olivera, found out her daughter had been injured by scissors through Snapchat messages.

The schools told News 6 the teacher was fired, but Olivera still wasn’t satisfied. She claims the school only acted after she got involved.

“We guard our children. We take care of our children, and if it had of been the other way around, if (my daughter) had thrown the scissors, I’m sure I would have gotten a phone call. She would have been suspended, she would have been expelled. She wouldn’t have been able to go back to the school,” said Olivera.

News 6 said the identity of the teacher has not been made public and he has not been charged with a crime.

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