EXCLUSIVE: Man in Westport street brawl says he was victim of attempted home invasion

DERBY --  A Derby man says he still trying to figure out why a person he has eaten dinner and vacationed with would attack him with a hammer on Tuesday morning at his apartment.

Fernando Morales says he's got a daily routine.

"I get up at and  I go pick up my daughter and bring her to school," he told FOX61 Thursday afternoon. "So, the last thing on my mind was me coming out the door and seeing somebody on the side ready to hit me with a hammer."

The attack was captured on his video doorbell system, which also included video of the attacker and an accomplice casing the apartment as early as 3 a.m.

The man, who attacked Morales with the hammer, is someone Fernando has socialized with. Morales said he knows him as Alex, but does not know his full name.

And, their fight was not over.

"There was a white big van and he jumped in the passenger side," said Morales of his attacker. "And, as he's closing the door, the van is taking off. So, there must've been another person."

Morales gave chase from Derby all the way to their next encounter, on Post Road in Westport.

That's where a Bridgeport transit bus dash cam caught the driver of the van, Rafael Valle, 34, of Bridgeport, running out into the road, where Morales, who had crashed his car, caught Valle.

"Then, he fell," said Morales. "Then, next thing you know, I was just beating on him."

Then, a man driving an SUV, with Maryland plates, nearly hit the two. He got out of his car and started kicking Valle.

"And I'm like 'yo, no, I got this'," said Morales, who said he didn't know who that man was and told him to leave.

Shortly after, Westport police showed up and arrested Morales, 41, charging him with assault, reckless endangerment and breach of peace. Valle was only hit with reckless endangerment charges.

Both Valle and Morales are due in Norwalk Superior Court Nov. 6.  Derby and Westport police or still collaborating to determine who and where the man with the hammer Is.