Feds stops Medicare, Medicaid funding at Connecticut Valley Hospital due to safety concerns

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MIDDLETOWN -- The Feds alerted CVH that funding will be pulled on Friday due to the hospital's lack of meeting basic health and safety requirements.

An official from the center for Medicaid and Medicare services told FOX61 that a survey was taken of the hospital by a state agency in mid-September.

Deficiencies were found that prompted the government agency to terminate the Medicare contract.

State Senator Heather Somers, feels a lack of funding of this nature can decimate a hospital especially given Connecticut's financial woes.

"Any other hospital if you're not taking Medicaid services, if you're not getting reimbursed by CMS, you're not going to be able to keep your doors open. So the state of Connecticut would have to take that financial burden on while the hospital remained open until they can fix the deficiencies if they can be fixed," said Sommers

This isn't the first time CVH is under fire. The hospital's Whiting Forensic Division is under criminal investigation into its alleged mistreatment of patients.

Nevertheless, the State Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, who operate Connecticut Valley Hospital, claim things are improving.

In a statement to FOX61 they said:

"The Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services was made aware that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has initiated involuntary termination of Connecticut Valley Hospital‘s (CVH) participation in the Medicare program. We are working to avert any such action. We will continue to aggressively address any deficiencies identified by CMS to mitigate concerns. The Department firmly believes these actions will lead to a positive resolution so that CVH may continue to participate in the Medicare program."

CMS said the hospital has until Friday to address the discrepancies.

If the requirements aren't met, Medicaid and Medicare funding will be stopped for all new patients however, funding will be extended for an additional 30 days for all patients who have been admitted prior to Friday, October 27th.