New Britain PD: Teenager crashed car into empty school bus, says bug flew into her face

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Credit: NB Police Department

NEW BRITAIN —  New Britain police said a 17-year-old female slammed into a school bus Wednesday morning with her younger brother in the passenger seat.

Police said she only had a learner’s permit and is not a fully-licensed driver.

Police said state law designates that permit holders must be accompanied by a parent or driving instructor at all times, and neither were in the car with her at the time.

The teen driver told police a bug flew into her face just before the accident. Police said her car got wedged all the way underneath the bus and the force of the impact tore the roof of the car off and got stripped away.

Police said the bus driver was outside of the vehicle at the time and no kids were on the bus. The accident happened at the corner of West Main Street and Cedar Street.

Police said both the teen and her younger brother escaped without injury. The teen was charged with two driving violations.