Police pursue pickup truck through southern Los Angeles

Officials were in pursuit of a truck in the South Los Angeles area during rush hour on Friday morning.

Sky5 was first overhead the chase around 8:30 a.m. as the vehicle was driving erratically through a cemetery. The driver was able to evade the patrol cruisers attempting to corner him in and returned to surface street.

The vehicle appeared to be a utility truck with a rack and equipment in the bed. It was not immediately clear what crime or crimes the driver was suspected of.

The motorist was then seen driving the wrong direction on Wilmington Avenue in the area of Compton Boulevard but seemed to slow down as the vehicle headed through an area with numerous schools, including Dickison Elementary and David Middle School.

At one point, the person drove through a railroad crossing just as a Metrolink commuter train was approaching.

The driver also engaged in a brief confrontation with a pole-brandishing pedestrian who gestured angrily and lunged at the vehicle. The truck turned around and sped toward the person but drove away without further contact.