Hartford Police will pay for your guns

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Hartford police are hoping that with fewer guns on the street can help curb gun violence, and they’re willing to pay to make that happen.

On Saturday they’re conducting their Neighborhood Gun Buy Back. Hartford residents can turn in any gun anonymously. Here’s what you get in return for the gun you bring: an assault rifle will get you a 400 dollar gift card. If you bring a semi automatic handgun you’ll get a 250 dollar gift card. Prices go down from there; if you bring a revolver you can get a 150 dollar gift card. And for a shot gun or rifle you can get a 100 dollar gift card in return. 

The buy-back will be held at the Southend Wellness Senior Center on Saturday from 9 a.m. until 3 in the afternoon. This is for operational firearms only.  No dealers…and it’s for Hartford residents only.