Volunteers help Meriden Humane Society facility avoid flooding

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MERIDEN -- The Meriden Humane Society, which is just getting back on its feet a long period of mismanagement, faced another crisis Sunday night as water flooded the facility.

The organization posted on its Facebook page:

****WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! Our outside back dog kennels are flooding which in turn is flooding the inside dog room. We have been here for 3 hours trying to reduce the water. The rain is picking up and and it feels like we are shoveling against the tide. We need help shoveling a trench to redirect the water so we will not be here all night. Please just show up at the shelter with rain gear and shovels. Please come around back because the front door is locked. PLEASE SHARE!!! Pics posted below are from earlier. Thank you everyone!!***

At around 5:30 p.m. a Meriden Humane Society board member went to check on the animals and noticed water was getting inside the area the dogs reside.

Several board members tried to shovel the water out of the facility but needed more help and took to Facebook to call on the community.

About 20 volunteers came to help and by 11 p.m., the situation was under control. Had the volunteers not shown up, board members say it would have taken much longer and the building could have been flooded.

They said the animals would have been moved to a safe location, including volunteers homes, if that had been the case.

Meriden Humane Society board members said they are extremely grateful to the community for pitching in to help.

Last October, the group was told it had four months to vacate the Murdock Avenue property. City officials said the group overstayed its lease which expired in 2015.

This came after a series of controversies including the arrest of its director Marlena DiBianco for forging paperwork.

Since, the Meriden Humane Society Board of Directors pushed to bring about change in an effort to keep its home.