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Post storm, Glastonbury tree service will be making the cut again and again

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GLASTONBURY -- When winds howl and rain comes down in Central Connecticut, business goes up for Michael Presta.

Presta, owner of Minnechaug Tree and Landscape in Glastonbury said after Sunday's storm, the phone began to ring on Monday morning.

"Off the hook, all storm damage calls," Presta said. "We probably grabbed another month's worth of work from this windstorm alone."

From down limbs to full trees strewn across roadways, in East Hartford, Eddie Wilcox woke up to a rude awakening in his Branch Drive home.

A huge oak tree crashed through the roof of Wilcox's home at around 3 a.m.

"It was a big boom -- sounded like the house was coming down," Wilcox said, "very scary when it happened."

Wilcox, who is renovating the house, wasn't hurt but his roof and chimney will need to be replaced. "The most important thing is I'm OK," he said.

With so many downed trees and branches, arborists like Presta also advised to leave the heavy lifting and branch removal to the professionals.

"It's better to be safe than sorry, leave it to the experts," he said.