Ledyard cleaning up town following storm

LEDAYRD --  Homeowners and cleanup crews have been busy around Ledyard, clearing up the damage from Sunday night's storm.

"We had a canopy and some pop-up tents that were up, and we lost a pretty big tree in the backyard," said Bryan Quilter, who lives on Partridge Hollow Road. "I don't think anyone expected that many trees to come toppling over like they did."

Quilter is running his home on a generator. He was found outside, refueling the generator with gasoline while his children, who were home from school due to cancellation, played outside.

"I think they've just been enjoying the couple extra days off," said Quilter. His children will also have to wait a little longer to go Trick-or-Treating. Ledyard's Mayor, Fred Allyn III, postponed Halloween until Friday evening.

"We weren't comfortable moving ahead with Halloween tonight," said Allyn. "There are just too many lines down still, too many trees that are posing risks."

At its peak, Allyn said about 90 percent of residents were without power. He has not been pleased with Eversource's response to the outages.

"We've been actively looking for solutions coming from them," said Allyn. "The crews are slow to get out to Ledyard. They are arriving, but it's still a slow process."

Allyn said he has been consistently communicating with Eversource, but that residents should plan for another day or two in the dark.

"Get your generators ready to go," said Allyn. "Fuel them up so you're ready for another day."