Storm damage causes road blocks in Cheshire

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CHESHIRE -- The roads in Cheshire were a little dangerous after wind gusts of over 60 mph ripped through the town.

Downed power lines and fallen trees were all over the town's streets. One major tree in particular fell in the middle of Tuttle Avenue, leaving several residents without power.

However the danger intensified in Naugatuck where a massive tree fell onto a house, splitting the home in half. Inside the house were two people, one of them being a 95-year-old woman.

The two ran to a neighbors house in the middle of the night searching for help.

"And about quarter after her son came running over, banged on my door and said can my mom stay here," says Pam Hewitt, a neighbor.

The two residents escaped their house without a scratch and are now living with family members out of harms way.

Eversource said by Monday night over 95,000 people were without power--that's about eight percent of their customers.