From the sandlot to the World Series; Springer’s former coaches speak out

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NEW BRITAIN -- Former coaches of World Series MVP George Springer spoke about the Houston Astros all-star and his journey to baseball's biggest stage.

Patrick Hall, the coach of the AAU team known as the Connecticut Blue Jays (he's also the pitching coach at CCSU) and Rob Dowling, the baseball coach at Avon Old Farms, both shared their stories with FOX61.

Hall traveled to Houston to watch Springer play in the epic Game 5 battle, while Dowling watched Game 6 and 7 in Los Angeles.

"He's always been a person that met the challenges in front of him," Hall said of Springer. "It's just so rewarding to see him on the biggest stage."

Dowling, who is also an Avon Old Farms history teacher said, "when you see someone like George be acknowledged this way and have the success he's had that is just so fulfilling and validating."

Looking at a team photo of Springer on his office wall, Dowling added, "when good things happen to good people that is an inspiration for us all."

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