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Connecticut voters give President Trump grades after 1-year anniversary

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WATERTOWN -- It's been 365 days since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Residents in communities were asked to grade the President on his first year since being elected.

"I feel like he's super rude," said Marianne Parks.

65 percent of Watertown voters chose Trump compared to only 31 percent for Hillary Clinton. However, Parks feels the numbers should have been reversed.

"And he just doesn't know how to talk to people correctly. Especially on Twitter," said Parks.

President Trump has used the social media platform 2,461 times since claiming victory. Some said it's grounds for a failing grade.

"Have you heard him? Have you listened to this man who doesn't take ownership? Who has his finger on a nuclear weapon and plays chicken with people in other countries," said a Watertown woman who wants to remain anonymous.

But others don't mind his social media use. They feel President Trump deserves a better grade. A lot of voters feel Trump isn't getting the backing he needs to achieve those goals.

"Him not being able to get the support from his own party that he needs to get some things accomplished." said Wolcott resident Zach Sheldon.

These voters have given President Trump several grades in his first year since winning the election. They feel it's up to the president to keep to his promises he made on the campaign trail.