Democrats and Republicans discuss fix to state hospital tax

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HARTFORD -- Senate GOP President Len Fasano said the governor's office and the hospital association reached an agreement that would be discussed this coming Tuesday.

The issue is regarding the governor's line item veto on the part of the budget that pertains to hospital taxes. The original language would enable Connecticut to receive federal funding for healthcare service and costs. Without the funds, the state would be on the hook for a billion dollars.

Governor Malloy said the original language was illegal but both sides have met and seem to have reached common ground.

“They’ve worked out compromise language that both are agreeable to that the governor believes now satisfies the Feds and the hospital believes satisfies their concerns," says GOP president Len Fasano. "We sort of like the judge in this. If they can come to a solution or reach a settlement we’ll adopt it, if they can’t then we’ll take the appropriate action."

This issue will go before the senate on Tuesday. If it passes, it will go to the governor's desk to be signed.