Local high school football game moved up due to Friday’s anticipated cold weather

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MANCHESTER – Plans are not freezing in place with the cold front coming in, in fact, a high school football game was changed to deal with the cold.

Howell Cheney Technical High School parents said they found out Wednesday night that the Friday night football game would be moved. For its “senior night,” the team hosted Quinebaug Valley Coop at its Manchester field, Thursday evening instead.

“I was kinda surprised,” mother Melinda Collazo said. “We just bundle in layers….its New England.”

The general consensus from parents that spoke to FOX61 is that it’s not common for a game to be rescheduled for the cold.

“To me, it's football weather, when I played we played in colder weather than this,” Cheney Tech father Walter World said.  “This is perfect for football.”

Both World and another parent Jaimie Viscusi said they’d brave any weather to watch their kids play.

“I would stay out in the rain, cold, zero below because we’re diehard mom fans and father fans,” Viscusi said.

While these parents were prepared for the game with layers and blankets, heating companies are hoping people have also prepared their homes. Trinks Brothers Oil Company in Manchester said it’s expecting a busy day ahead.

The company already has 140 deliveries on the books, Friday, and expects to get more calls. Trinks will have all hands on deck with six trucks responding to calls including one for emergencies.

“Check your oil tank, make sure you have fuel place your order early so you don’t have to panic and try to get us out there the same day,” owner Ron Trinks said.

The company is open 24/7 to handle any emergency calls.