Cheshire supports community member in danger of being deported

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CHESHIRE -- It was a special night at First Congregational church in Cheshire.

Religious leaders of several faiths came together for the Rondos family. Thousands of community members also gathered to lend support to the family.

Denada's husband and three children are U.S. citizens but she isn't. Denada moved to the U.S. illegally in 2002 to escape violence in Albania. In 2007, ICE issued a removal order against her. Two months ago immigration officials refused to grant her stay after several attempts of applying for citizenship.

"This is such a misguided decision," said congresswoman Elizabeth Esty. "All we're asking for is that they don't try to deport her tomorrow and allow her to stay and make her case."

Denada recently filed a new asylum claim arguing that Albania is too dangerous of a country to stay. as of now, she is scheduled to go to JFK airport by 8:30pm Monday for deportation.

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