AUDIO: Danbury dispatcher aids 9-year-old brother with CPR instructions; helps saves sister’s life

DANBURY --  When split seconds are a matter of life and death, the mature quick thinking of a 9-year-old boy saved his 1-month-old baby sister's life Saturday.

Danbury Fire Department said the boy dialed 911 and translated CPR instructions to his mother.

"I want you to listen carefully. Ok. Place your hands on the baby's forehead. Your other hand underneath the baby's neck and shoulders. Slightly tilt the head back. Put your ear next to her mouth, okay," the dispatcher can be heard saying in the audio.

The boy responds, "could you please repeat that?"

"Sure," said the dispatcher.

Fire officials said the boy continued relating instructions from the dispatcher until rescue units arrived.

"Thanks to the quick thinking of a 9-year-old boy, and the expertise of our dispatcher, a young life was saved!!," said Danbury Fire Department in a Facebook post.