Brigaid, New London public schools host community meal for Puerto Rico

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NEW LONDON -– It has been over one month since Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria. Since then, people there have been trying to recover from the devastation.

New London Public Schools teamed up with an organization known as Brigaid to help those in need. The cafeteria of Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School was packed with lines that led out the door.

People bought $5 tickets for a hot meal and there were over 450 people in just 30 minutes.

“We’re going to try and push it and cater to as many people as we can,” said Dan Giusti, founder of Brigaid.

On the menu was roast pork, potato salad, buttered carrots, flan and juice. Chefs were running around the kitchen trying to make sure there was enough food for everyone as it was running low very quickly.

People of all ages waited in line patiently. Angela Peralta and Rose Clack are both teachers in New London who donated to the cause.

“It just shows what a caring and supportive community we are here in New London especially for our students that come from all over the world,” said Rose Clack, an ESL teacher at Harbor Elementary School.

“I mean, I was very sad with everything that’s going on. I mean, this is something that we all should be concerned because we are getting many students from Puerto Rico,” said Angela Peralta, a Spanish teacher at New London High School.

There were those like Angela Swift who lived in Puerto Rico, but now call Connecticut home and she said it means a lot to her personally.

“Well because it’s important that we have friends and family there and they’re suffering over there and it’s something that’s near and dear to our hearts because we used to live there.