‘Wingsuiters’ land medal at international competition

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HARTFORD -- Some mild-mannered engineers from the area are making a name for themselves by going way above and beyond.

Jeff Harrigan from Old Lyme, Mark Krasinski from Somers, and Sarah Chamberlain from Simsbury, make up "Team Flat Spin."

The trio are acrobatic wingsuiters.

"Wingsuiting is the act of jumping out of a plane or off of an object wearing a suit designed to give you forward speed as well as slow down your horizontal decent," Harrigan said.

The team just returned from an international competition in Las Vegas where they took home a silver medal. The team, who has been together for about four years, practices their choreography mostly out of Ellington.

"We try to make it look graceful and elegant," Harrigan said.

Krasinsky added, "we do front flips, flat spins, and we've got some other maneuvers."

With an array of medals, including gold medals at other competitions, Team Flat Spin looks ahead to their next major event which is a national competition outside Chicago in August.

Check out their awesome flight videos below!