November 2017 Above & Beyond Award: Christopher M. Ryan

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Christopher M. Ryan

Emergency Medical Technician

Hunter’s Ambulance of Connecticut

Meriden, CT


Nominated by Beverly J. Ryan:
“[Christopher] is an EMT since 2002, and has made this a big part of his life.  He is a Star Of Life, went to Washington for awarding,  is a PTO ( personal training officer), a licensed CPR Trainer,  and helps with EMT training classes.  He is a very compassionate man, he feels for his patients, makes them laugh, tells stories, talks about their interests, and treats all of them like they are friends.  Many of his friends have said only good compliments about him.  He is loved and liked by all the medical personnel at the hospitals.  Best of all, he shares all of these skills and love with his family.  He is my true hero.” 

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