Wallingford teacher awarded ‘Teacher of the Year’

WALLINGFORD —  Cook Hill’s Erin Berthold was honored by Governor Dannel Malloy with the Teacher of the Year award at the Bushnell in Hartford Wednesday.

“After eight years in special education, she currently teaches first grade at Cook Hill School in Wallingford. Erin’s experience in regular and special education has given her a unique perspective, “I see the need for collaborative efforts from many educators in the development of a child. While we may not always understand the role we each play, we are all of equal importance and value. Educators are like puzzle pieces; we can’t complete the picture without one another,” said Connecticut State Department of Education.

The Department added, “Erin’s primary goal as a teacher is to help her students to become their best selves. She encourages students to make choices and follow their own course of action. She lets them know that they may encounter some bumps along the way, but reminds her students that the best and deepest learning occurs with opportunities to problem solve.”

She also serves as an ambassador for public education, consulting with the state commissioner of education. She’ll also represent Connecticut in National Educational Forums, and U.S. Department of Education meetings.