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Proud to Serve: A look at a LIFESTAR first responder

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HARTFORD -- Each day the LIFESTAR Medical Team responds to the most serious accidents throughout the state. The fly in to rescue and try to save victims via helicopter in the shortest time possible.

On that team, one of the longest serving members in LIFESTAR history, Jeff Heath.

Jeff has been in this field for 37 years now and has seen some of the most devastating cases in the state. His job, being a first responder, is taxing physically, mentally and emotionally and dealing with those aspects is extremely difficult.

Jeff said that he deals with the patients in a cold and clinical way allowing him to move on from each patient easier than he should. However with the families, dealing with their grief and concern on a daily basis is the hardest part of his job.

He indicates that never having to make another call, never having to hop on board the LIFESTAR helicopter would bring him joy. But the fact remainsthat he knows that he and his team save lives on a daily basis.

Jeff and the LIFESTAR team are proudly serving the people of Connecticut, asking nothing in return, and we thank them for their service every single day.

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