California woman celebrates 105th birthday with a parade

PLACERVILLE, Calif. -- It's a birthday party many of us may never have. Next week Maybelle Hesser turns 105 years old.

On Thursday, Hesser and her family and staff at the Eskaton Village Senior Living Community in Placerville celebrated the upcoming milestone.

So what's Maybelle's key to staying healthy after being born back in 1912? Staying independent she tells KTXL.

"Do things for yourself and don't always have people doing them for you," she said.

That and being honest, apparently.

"Some of it is that people are too damn lazy to do anything," she said.

As part of the celebration, Hesser was the centerpiece of a mini parade.

Her ride? A classic Model A Ford.

"They are going to take me for a ride in that damn thing?" she said.

Born and raised in Southern California, Hesser has also lived in Canada and in Lockford in San Joaquin County. She's been in Placerville for the past couple of years.

Her son Bill Hesser describes his mom with a very accurate word.

"Spunky! Still! Short term has affected her a little bit, but long term she's right on," he said.

Happy Birthday, Maybelle!

Story credited to KTXL.