Where’s the best place to watch the Manchester Road Race?

MANCHESTER — Everyone who goes to the Manchester Road Race has a favorite spot to watch the race.

We asked the people in the Facebook group “Manchester,CT Message Board” where they liked to be Thanksgiving morning.

Here’s what they had to say:

  • “You haven’t lived until, you at least once go to the start/finish line. To watch 10,000 people take off is a sight…you can feel the air move. If however, you want to see friends who are running and wave to them, anywhere along Porter or Center St works.”
  • “Agreed! Been standing at Porter St./Autumn St. Intersection for years.”
  • “The best place is to be running it”
  • “Mom’s on Porter.”
  • “Highland Park school or Highland Market, are great spots to see friends/family running and to hear music from area homes.”
  • “To see the beginning of the race, and the winner crossing the finish line, you can stand on the front lawn of St James Church”
  • “I’ve never been but I’ve heard Hungry Tiger is a good place to watch from.”
  • “ On Main Street.. We have Open House at Anne Miller Real Estate — tons to do .. lots of food beverages and the great people lined up .. 975 Main.”
  • “If you are looking for some place to hang out and watch the race Hungry Tiger is always packed. But truly anywhere on Main St.”
  • “Hungry Tiger! Drinks and bathrooms! Lol best place.”
  • “Corner of Gardner and Highland”
  • “I love Main Street or near the park!!”
  • “Highland park market!!”
  • “The Manchester GREEN live music…..”
  • “Lucky Taco”
  • “Army Navy Club”
  • “I like watching them come down Main and take that hard left onto Charter Oak, awesome view”
  • “Center/Summit streets.”
  • “Wyllys and Highwood is also great- live band in the road”
  • “Mullberry Street!”

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