Owner sought after abandoned dog rescued in Simsbury

SIMSBURY -- Simsbury police need your help tracking down the owner of a boxer that was rescued by a state trooper last week.

One look at this boxer's body, and it’s clear that this dog has been abandoned.

"This dog normally should be about 70 pounds," said Mark Rudewicz, an animal control officer with the Simsbury Police Department. "This dog weighs 43 pounds right now. It is horrific."

The dog was found on Nod Road in Avon, and has been recovering at Roaring Brook Animal Clinic in Canton for the past week.

A young state trooper saw the dog and pulled over, had a leash in his car, and got the dog, and then called, and then I met him, and I took the dog and we’ve been caring for him since," said Rudewicz. “If this was an intentional act, if somebody left this dog to fend for himself, and get to this condition... absolutely they’d be facing cruelty to animals, abandonment, neglect... several charges."

Charges that Rudewicz intends to act on immediately.

“There would be an arrest warrant issued right away," he said.

The dog is roughly 10 years old, and aside from being dehydrated and malnourished, is in good health overall.

“I would like to get him to a nice loving home because he deserves it, they all deserve it," said Rudewicz. "I often tell people: I like my three dogs more than I like most of the humans I know, and I think dog lovers, most of them, can probably agree."

If you have a pet that you feel you can no longer care for, Rudewicz said that there are plenty of options to make sure that you cat, dog, or whatever furry friend you may have goes to a safe and loving home.

"There's a lot of adoption agencies, there's rescues, you can call a local animal control in your town, there’s the Connecticut Humane Society," said Rudewicz.

Abandoning your pet should never be an option, however.

If you think you know who this dog belongs to or if you’re interested in adopting him, you are urged to call Simsbury police, or contact Rudewicz at 860-658-3110.

The dog should be ready for adoption in a few weeks once he has had time to gain back some of his weight.