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Nation’s longest-running powder puff game draws out huge crowds in Wallingford for 46th year

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WALLINGFORD -- Thanksgiving Day involves high school football for many families in Connecticut. But more importantly in Wallingford, the day before Thanksgiving also means the first and longest-running powder puff football game in the nation.

It's been 46 years since the girls at Sheehan High School took the field against crosstown rival Lyman Hall, and the high schoolers did it again in 2016.

In 1972, Sheehan High athletic director Judy Samaha wanted to create more athletic opportunities for girls in Wallingford, but she had no idea the tradition would endure for so long.

The powder puff game features senior girls from both Wallingford high schools battling on the gridiron in a flag football game. Each team has over 100 players, and boy, are they dedicated. In fact, they wait years to participate.

It's the towns second biggest event, next to their 4th of July fireworks.

"I hear the only other event this big is the fireworks," said Sheehan coach Cheryl Colwick, who also teaches physical education at Sheehan. "Four thousand, 5,000 people over the years come each and every year to see this."

While it's all fun and games, there does have to be a winner!

But there's still one thing the players on both sides agree on: if they had to choose between attending the senior prom and playing powder puff, the prom would lose.

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