Protesters block Capitol Ave. during rally held for teen shot and killed by Bridgeport PD

HARTFORD --  Seven people have been arrested at a demonstration over Connecticut authorities' handling of the case of an  officer involved shooting death of 15-year-old Jayson Negron.

The protesters were arrested Monday after sitting on the street outside the state Capitol in Hartford.

They said they are  trying to bring attention to the May death of Jayson Negron  and called for prosecutors to release video evidence in the shooting in Bridgeport.

Bridgeport Police Chief Armando Perez has said rookie officer James Boulay opened fire May 9 when he was nearly run over by a stolen car driven by Negron. A passenger in the car also was shot, but survived.

Community advocates say they want to see criminal charges filed against the officer.

Negron was an unarmed 15-year-old who was shot and killed by Bridgeport Officer James Boulay. Bridgeport police said rookie officer James Boulay shot and killed Negron after the teen nearly ran him over in a stolen car. Police said that car was a dangerous weapon that put an officer's life in danger which forced him to make a split second decision.

A video was posted on Twitter by a family member shortly after the incident. It showed Jayson on the ground after he was shot.

Juan Negron, Jayson's father, alleges police were poorly trained, his son shouldn’t have been shot and “reasonable” medical care wasn’t provided after the shooting.

During Monday's protest, Jazmarie Melendez, Negron's sister spoke out.

"We just want to know the truth and we want to know the facts of what happened to my brother," Melendez said.   She went on to say, "We're asking that if that video shows that my brother accelerated a vehicle in attempt to run over an officer and if you're going to say that, we want to see that video."

Also during the protest, the Negron family, along with community advocates from across the state, called for State's Attorney Maureen Platt to charge Boulay with murder.  Platt, serves the Waterbury district of State's Attorney's office.  She is in charge of the Negron case.

FOX61 reached out to Platt directly Monday and received the following response:

"The CSP investigation is still being completed. I have been in regular contact with them since I was assigned the case, so I know that they have conducted an extensive investigation. I anticipate that their report will be finished this week. I expect to meet with them on next Monday to discuss the case. Depending on my review of their investigation and our discussions on Monday, I may or may not request additional work be done on this matter.

I then must thoroughly review all applicable documents and videos and will then, and only then, reach a conclusion. This conclusion will be in the form of a written and publically available and highly detailed report. Thus, no exact time frame is possible. I do realize that both the family of Mr. Negron and the public are anxious for answers and for the release of my report.

Recognizing both the Negron family’s the public’s right to know, I intend on releasing the report as soon as possible. I will meet with the family before the report is publically released."

While Negron's family waits for Platt's report, they continue to mourn their loss.

“There’s days where I want to fight so hard for my brother’s life and there’s other days that it really hits you and you’re like, my baby brother is really gone.  I would anything in the world I would give my brother my life, because I just want to see him one more," Melendez said about her brother.  She went on to say, "Holidays are going to keep passing by, birthdays will keep passing by and I’m not going to see my brother.”