New Haven School Board members address intense meeting

NEW HAVEN -- The last time New Haven School Board members met, tensions were high.

But on Monday's meeting, members were given a chance to address the outbursts.

"Unfortunately it was a failure of emotional intelligence," says Dr. Edward Joyner. "It's something that I've taught and written about but unfortunately I've made a mistake and I'm not going to excuse it under any circumstances."

The meeting also gave parents a chance to give additional comments toward the board's decision to choose Dr. Carol Birks for the superintendent position.

While several parents voiced their disdain over the choice, board members offered their support to their choice.

"I know Carol Birks, I'll pledge my support to her if she's confirmed as superintendent and I'll do everything I can to make her successful," says Dr. Joyner.

Mayor Toni Harp says Dr. carol Birks will be in the district within the next 30 to 90 days based on her completing her previous job as well as the length of her background check.