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Family wish realized: Father and hometown hero buried at Arlington

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NEW BRITAIN -- Scott Johnson wore many hats. He was a husband and father, a New Britain Firefighter, and a Chief Petty Officer for the U.S. Coast Guard.

Sadly, Johnson also was a victim of colorectal cancer and died of the disease in August. He was just 43-years-old.

Johnson had a dying wish which was to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery, where his father, Roy, a marine veteran and Purple Heart recipient, is also buried.

After months of working the phones, writing letters, and making as many contacts as she could, Caroline Johnson, Scott's wife, was successful in making her husband's plea a reality.

Under a bright blue sky this past week, Scott Johnson was buried near his father with full military honors in a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

"It's overwhelming, but so deserved, so deserved," Caroline said fighting back tears. "They are with each other now."

About 70 friends, family, and some supporters who never met Scott Johnson showed up at the service at Arlington.

Shane Burns, a New Britain firefighter who worked with Scott Johnson for a decade and traveled to the service said, "he was an absolute professional day in and day out. He was a friend to everyone."

Caroline Johnson says she will continue her family fight on her husband's behalf to make colorectal exams like colonoscopies more readily available under insurance coverage.

"Scott wasn't 50-years-old to receive his colonoscopy and that cost him his life.

"I'm not ok with that and nobody should be," she said.

In March, Caroline will once again head to Washington. She has been invited by the Colorectal Foundation to speak at the Senate about her experience.

To find out more about the Johnson family's cause, click here.

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